Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Spooky Stuff at The Stone Shoot!

Slightly off-topic for this one but I've been lucky enough to have been invited to visit (and help on) Phil Gardiner's Movie: The Stone link this week.

Day 1

All going well until Phil left his phone switched on (or was it switched on, as he doesn't normally have it on?) and it started ringing as they were shooting. Phil was puzzled as to why one of the actresses was ringing him when she was not only on set, but being filmed at the time - Layla's name came up on his phone screen, but Layla's phone was also switched off and in her bag - out of the way of filming!

Day 2

All batteries in cameras keep draining inexplicably, a full battery may not last all day, but it should last more than mere minutes! Nik also had a whole batch of batteries go into melt-down. They all leaked and were ruined. These were brand-new batteries.

Simon took a few atmospheric stills of The Hall and saw 'something' in one of the images. He thinks it may reveal itself to be a person when he gets the pics sorted on his computer. We wait with bated breath!

Day 3

Nik was filming upstairs in the Hall and his FULL battery went from Full, down to Half then Quarter in an instant! He replaced the battery, but the camera had moved from being set up for shooting the next scene, he had to re-set the whole shot again. I had been standing right behind him and saw that the shot was in line - before the battery died - to being way too high for the shot after the battery had been replaced. The battery also died without warning - something that never happens on that particular camera, he assured me.
The hairs on both my arms stood on end at one point during the filming and wouldn't lay down even when I rubbed my arms to warm them (I was not cold).

I have been to this location before and was showing Simon the differences between two rooms, both on the front aspect and right next to each other. One is lovely and sunny, warm and inviting even though dilapidated. The room next door had the hairs on both my arms standing on end! It also 'feels' uninviting, even hostile.

There is also a few of the Extras that know of other film shoots that have happened there, their batteries have died inexplicably too... amongst other weird happenings - scenes which were filmed have disappeared once filming has finished... can't be found! I hope it doesn't happen this time, especially after all the hard work everyone has put into it!

Some of the Actors have decided to have a seance this evening, to which I'm invited... I'll keep you posted.

Day 4

One of the lovely Actresses - Jojo, sent this:

Also if your logging weird happenings my mobile wouldn't work all day, people could hear me but I could not hear them, then since I got home its been fine, just thought my phone was broken at first.....spooky

Jojo x

It's getting weirder!