Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Oh what a week!

Well that was a week of ups and downs, I must say.
It started out with great intentions... I had three articles that I had promised people, one article, one interview and a fiction piece.
Deadlines for the three were Thursday (x2) and Friday. I'm pleased to say that I managed all three by Wednesday. Now THAT'S  a first!
The interview was easy, all I had to do was answer some questions - Thanks Julie Catherine.
The article, I was struggling on. I didn't have inspiration until a few nights ago. I was keeping up with the Brit Awards on Twitter not TV and I saw a few nasty and utterly horrible comments about Adele - she had won 6 Grammys a few nights previously and she must still have been on Cloud 9. As she started winning, I noticed a few comments about her weight and I thought they were going too far.
I Tweeted the guy and told him it wasn't right, Adele is a role model for young girls to not diet to extremes but whether he saw it or not, it didn't stop him.
So I played him at his own game and I started using the # to trend the #Brits too.
The next morning, my Tweet had been removed from his page so I guess he had seen it but the best part is that I wrote the article on self-confidence and self-perception, not just in young women but in all of us. I know that I've looked in the mirror and thought "who the hell is that and what have they done to my face?"
I mean... I don't remember getting this old... it's only been a very short time since I was 16 years old... hasn't it?
Well, apparently not.
I've wondered about plastic surgery, but that's as far as it's got... to the wondering stage. I can't justify spending money to 'go under the knife', no matter how I look but that's just me. I will never criticise anyone for having surgery, it's a personal choice but I do feel saddened when it goes too far.

The way I will stay young and become immortal is through my children and my books. While my children are around and having children themselves (I'm going to be a grandma in a few short months) I'll stay young.
And while there are copies of my books out there, I'll be immortal.

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