Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Book Review Ozzy Osbourne

What an amazing book! I may as well tell you right from the off that I give the book one of the best ratings I could. I laughed in all the right places (and some of the wrong ones). I was amazed, amused and astounded at some (all) of the antics that Ozzy has gotten up to in his (relatively) short life. All I can say is that if my son came home with tales of similar antics to what Ozzy has done, I'd have marched him off to the police station myself!
What an amazing life story this man has. He has swung like a pendulum between Good Fortune and Terrible Luck. He has made many friends along the way and lost a fair few too. He has almost lost his life on a number of occasions and he has lost his liberty (jail).
He has made massive amounts of money and blown it! He's been a Factory worker, Cow Killer, burglar, Rock Star, Rock God, Husband, Father and Grandfather. He has dabbled in drugs, alcohol, has contracted STDs and has survived a direct hit by a plane. He says himself "People ask me how come I'm still alive, and I don't know what to say."
On the back of his book, it says:
My father always said I would do something big one day.
"I've got a feeling about you, John Michael Osbourne," he'd tell me, after he'd had a few beers. "You're either going to do something very special, or you're going to go to prison."
And he was right, my old man.
I was in prison before my eighteenth birthday.
And from there, it gets better.
I don't like writing synopses - I didn't like writing them for my own books Deadlier... Than The Male and Cruel... and Unusual - so I will not re-write a book that I review so that the reader doesn't have to bother reading the book that I've reviewed. I read I AM OZZY and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It portrays Ozzy as a man that seemed to have nothing going for him and no prospects other than Jail or death who made it despite the odds stacked against him. It also shows that fame is fickle and people are untrustworthy sometimes but it always shows Ozzy as a real, flawed, human being. He doesn't appear to be someone with a Rock-God image of himself, he'd be the kind of person you'd meet in a pub, have a chat with for a while and think "He was a bit weird, but an ok guy." I share the same day for my birthday as Ozzy does and I've always liked his music so it was only natural that I should read his book and I am glad that I did. I can't wait for the film... they've already done the TV series of his life... I don't think Ozzy would be up for playing himself in a film... I think, from what he writes as his experience of TV, that he's had enough.
Buy the book, read it, it's great!

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