Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Paranormal Haunting, The Curse Of The Blue Moon Inn

Back on set again for another Phil Gardiner Movie and though the drive was an hour long, I think it will be worth the travel time.

Again, I'm not certain what the movie will be about but I am certain that the Cast and Crew that have gathered together for the movie will put in 100% for the Director Phil Gardiner.

First then, for the oddities - happenings, feelings, occurrences and Accidents!

On the very first scene, first 'Take', Suzy Deakin was badly concussed and cut her head open in a freak accident.
Suzy fell backwards during shooting - it was a tense scene from the outset but when Suzy fell, the tension escalated. The cameras were rolling - two different cameras, controlled by two different people - and nothing was recorded of the accident, it was as though the cameras had not been set rolling, yet the "Rolling" check had been performed.
Filming had to be delayed whilst Suzy recovered. She wanted to continue but it was obvious to both the Director and Producer that she should not attempt to.

Thankfully, after a dizzy spell and blurred vision, Suzy had a good night's sleep and was recovered enough to continue the next day. She said she had a very tender lump on the back of her head and a small cut but things could have been a lot worse!

There have been explosive occurrences off-set as light bulbs blow out in spectacular fashion. According to the Landlady, if there is activity in the lower bar - named JD Bar - then bulbs blow with unnerving frequency. JD Bar is where the Cast and Crew go to chill-out between their scenes. It seems that their presence is enough to upset the other 'residents' and more than one of the crew have felt uncomfortable down there.

There are also frequent 'Cold Spots' reported in different areas of the Pub that's being used for filming.
Just in front of the large bay window in the main room where most of the filming is to take place, a cold area has been witnessed by visitors and crew (myself included) and even though there is a large radiator throwing out heat, the area is cold sometimes but freezing another. The cold could be dismissed as draughts from the old fittings but the cold areas are not always in the same place - differences in wind direction, or something else entirely?

Kerrie's room is 'abruptly cold' as you move from the hall into her room. The cold is almost like a tangible presence even when the room heater is left on.

Amy gets 'bad feelings' in the Function Room, where she is always cold. She does not like the cellar beneath JD Bar due to a previous experience. She describes the cellar as 'Spine-tinglingly eerie'.

Danielle freaked Elle on their first evening as she seemed to develop Succubus Tendencies. In the bedroom that they share with Suzy, Elle was woken by Danielle reaching through the darkness towards her.
Danielle also remembers waking up and wondering why her own arm was reaching over to her colleague...

Suzy tells me that she looked down into the cellar beneath JD Bar and swears that she saw a shadow - no shadow should have been cast down there because the only light source was clearly visible to Suzy but the shadow was cast towards the opening, as though it was lit from inside the cellar itself behind the only light bulb.

Batteries drain unusually fast on occasions and during the filming of one supernatural scene, the smoke machine switched itself on when no-one was near it.

As filming ended, I had a few more tales to tell, such as the one of Tolkein's writing room (yes, that Tolkein). When he wrote of The Green Dragon Inn he told of the place where he did his writing... the same place where filming of Paranormal Haunting is happening.

The father of the Pub's Landlord has done extensive research and has found that the building is many centuries old. There are a number of Ghost Experience groups wanting to investigate and there was also a buzz of excitement as someone from Sky TV was supposed to be contacting them to come and take a look around.

I wish them all the best, I'm not sure that I'd like to live in such an active place after hours... I prefer Spirits that are served in a glass thanks.

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