Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Monday, 13 June 2011

New Authors

Over the past few months I have had a real blast! I've met people that have read my book and enjoyed it and I've also met people that have been inspired by my journey to become published. I have not met one nasty or obnoxious person because of my writing and I am very thankful for that.

I have joined a writers group called New Writers UK who are a collection of interesting and diverse people with one important thing in common, they all enjoy helping other new writers. I went to Wookey Hole at Easter for an event that New Writers put on and another event yesterday at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire. They get about a bit and promote their work as a non-profit organisation. On Saturday the Children's Writing Competition for 2011 was launched and it is to be judged at County Hall in Nottingham in October. It is open to children from Nottinghamshire aged 8 - 15 and is growing year on year.

The other Authors I have met lately have been mainly from Facebook and, love it or loathe it, Facebook helps bring like-minded people together if you know where to look.

Help is out there if you want to become published or learn how to edit your work to the standard that publishers want. There is help and advice for all aspects of writing but the best advice I can give, I think, is Dont give up! Keep on writing and honing your craft and ask other people. Writing is a very solitary occupation but you don't have to be solitary all the time.

Last but certainly not least, Glenn and Sherrill are two of the new authors that I have met on Facebook and their novels are linked below.

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