Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Monday, 25 July 2011

Update after the weekend

I started out with all great expectations on Saturday morning. I was on target and up to date with my writing and I started well but after 2000 words it began to go awry. My neighbours who are not the most considerate bunch on the planet, decided that they really needed to do some DIY so I took a break from writing but they never stopped. So, 1000 words short of my target, I gave in for the day.

On Sunday, I woke up at 6:30, did a little bit of essential housework (washing on lines, I know... I lead such a glamorous life) and then down to writing. I really did crack on and wanted to get caught up and past my target if I could. The ravening horde that are my neighbours did decide to disrupt - kids screeching (I don't know how they stand it... oh hang on, yes I do... they buy lots of toys for the kid and then leave her outside with them and let her tease my dog). Still! I managed to get the task at hand completed AND then went to a Psychic Fair run by Evolved which is headed by Michelle Hare and Lee Roberts and managed to sell three books and give one to St John's Hospice Appeal in Mansfield, Notts.
I won the Teddy draw by guessing the name 'Jack' for the Teddy, I had inspiration from my book, Cruel... and Unusual and I also won a prize on the raffle but because all profits from these events go to Charity, I donated both the teddy and the raffle prize back to be won by someone at the next event.

Then on to this morning's work. I got up again at 6:30 (and believe me, this is a habit that I intend to break ASAP!) and got right on to it. The next door's ravening horde seem to be out and so I'm making hay while the sun shines. I've nipped onto Blogger to write this and keep everyone up to date (thanks for the interest) and then I'll get back to the writing.

Just over 16000 words done of my 18000 target for today and I'm pleased and confident that I'll manage that. I'll be back again possibly on Wednesday to let you all know how it goes. Thanks for watching :)

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