Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Monday, 1 August 2011

Gutted by the ravening horde!

My target for my novel has been totally scuppered for the moment. On Saturday I was about 800 words behind on my total but I picked that back up on Sunday morning so I was enthusiastic and hopeful for the day.

But it was not to be! The ravening horde that are my neighbours awoke with a bang and a bump and a screaming child and though I tried to concentrate, my office window on the back of the house had to be closed for me not to hear the crying. She's not a happy child it seems and if she is crying then she's screaming. I've witnessed the tantrums as she stands on the back garden, arms folded and stamping her foot on the ground... I mean really?

Anyway, once the child had calmed down, then the drilling started - again. I'm not sure if they are getting rid of all the walls in their house by the "Drill millions of holes until there's a doorway" method but that's what it seems like. For the past 15+ years one neighbour after another has partaken in DIY on that house. If it falls down tomorrow, the demolition report would read DIY'd to death! I'm sure.

Well, I will not be put off on my project. It's all quiet at the moment and I'm going to catch up my word count as much as possible and forge ahead. If I get more than 4000 words done today, I'll be pleased as punch.

30325 before I start today - almost 3000 down but determined! Wish me luck - I'm going in to where the Werewolves live!

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