Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

At the London Book Fair

On Tuesday, we went to the London Book Fair. It's quite a trek all the way to the 'Big Smoke' in torrential rain and rush-hour traffic. We tried to set off at 7am but that didn't go too well and we eventually started off properly at gone 8.
There was no stress though, we didn't have any appointments or expectations, we were going more for a day out together than we were for anything professional.
Last year we had our visit cut short by Trev, my husband, collapsing and being admitted to Charing Cross hospital. He had kidney stones and was in utter agony. He had to stay the night because of the medication he had been given and I had to find my way out of London without a clue where I was going. The sat-nav on my phone was no help because the battery had died - just typical! I went past Charing Cross hospital at least 4 times before I finally found the pointer towards the M4 (it was close enough by that time).
Anyway, back to this year. We arrived, booked in and started wandering around. We had a few ideas on what we'd like to look at but unlike last year, we had not made any plans - we didn't want to tempt fate again!
We drifted towards Helen Hart's stand where she was showcasing Silverwood Books. We do like Helen, she's a very kind and knowledgeable woman.
We got to talking, as you do, about past businesses and experiences and a few things came to light. Apparently, in our time together, Trev and I have done some pretty amazing things.
I started a business from scratch and sold to multi-million pound companies, such as Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Everton FC and the like (loads more football clubs too). I also sold merchandise to a company that worked with The Rocky Horror Show (the stage production). Because of my contact with them, when they got a new, up-and-coming Pop star on their books, they asked if I could make men's underwear.
Yes, I know, it's rather a strange request but as I'd been making garters and such for football clubs, it's not too great a stretch is it?
I told them that I could and was asked to send in 3 pairs of identical men's briefs. So, off they went and I thought nothing about it until I received one pair back with a sparkly design on the front. 'How odd' I thought.
It wasn't until later that I got the surprise of my life. My children were watching TV when a new release for one of my favourite singers came on. Robbie Williams was singing 'Rock DJ'. It was a rather unusual video, he was standing in the centre of a roller rink, being ignored by the female skaters. Robbie desperate to gain attention began to remove his clothes.
OK, now I was interested.
He took off his jeans and what did I see... Yes! You guessed! The very same underwear that I had made!
Of course, excitement reigned in our household and even now, I can still say that I had my hands in Robbie Williams' pants!
What a claim to fame!


  1. WOW! There's more to you than we know!

    1. LOL You're not wrong... Sometimes I think back and realise how lucky I've been in a lot of the things I've had the opportunity to be involved in :) Maybe I'll blog about them all in time :)