Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Yes, everything changes. Maybe it's the coming of spring, a new season, a new beginning.
The frogs have been making out in our ponds for weeks now and we have a healthy crop of frog spawn - we are going to have hundreds of little hoppy things soon - if the pond doesn't dry out (I must keep my eye on that again this year).
But other changes have been happening in our household lately. My children have all but moved out (again) and my son and his partner are due to deliver us with a brand new grand daughter in a few weeks - EXCITED!
My husband has just had news that his work shifts will be altering and so, in keeping with his work pattern, so will mine. My late-night writing will cease and I'll have to discipline myself into getting up with him at 04:00 to write when he goes to work and the world is silent.
Last year I was frustrated in my writing because of noisy neighbours and I'm determined that they will NOT make a difference to my work this year.
This year, I've quit all game-playing on FB and the like and since I quit, I've seemed more productive (to myself at least). Promoting my work online is time consuming of course but if I am to be a full-time writer, then it just has to be done.
I have always thought that everything happens for a reason and I'm going to go with the flow. We've done this before, we can do it again. Onward and upward!


  1. fb games are so addictive,I don't play them, i did start but quickly it took me awayy from reading so I quit. I hope all goes wel with the birth of your grand child what an exiting time for you and your family.
    here is hoping that your neighbours let you work in peace this year.

    1. Thank you Lindsey, I agree, I decided that I'd rather read or write than play the games - it has to be a better use of my time.
      Our grand daughter will be an amazing addition to our family, we really can't wait to meet Mia Rose.
      I don't think my neighbours will actually care one way or another, they're only neighbours in the sense that they live next door, there's never been anything 'neighbourly' about them, but hey-ho :) I can cope this year.