Here's lookin at you kid...

Here's lookin at you kid...
The eyes are the windows to the soul...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dusty - one of my characters

On Sunday I released the 6th in my Dusty the Demon Hunter series. I've not blogged about her before but she's an interesting young woman/demon. She rides a motorcycle, throws a mean Unicorn rope, hefts a beautiful blue-bladed sword and is what you might call a 'Kick-ass Teen'. I like her - a lot.

I remember the first time I 'met' Dusty. I was sitting at my computer one Saturday evening and it was almost as though she came in, sat right by my side and began to dictate her story to me, the tale came to me so easily.
Before the evening was over, I'd done almost 8,000 words and I had ventured into a whole new aspect of writing, one that I never thought I'd be able to write - Young Adult.
The first scene is rather steamy and I was very worried about whether it would pass for YA - my daughter said that it most definitely would NOT be suitable for teens so I calmed it down a little.

After six stories about Dusty and her adventures, I've begun to think about a full novel about her. I think I can pull it off because there are a lot of demons in the world for her to be dealing with. I've got it all mapped out in my head. There are going to be a few more short stories involving the Demon Hunter teen but while I'm writing those, I'll also be writing her full story, with a good back-story to go with it.

So far, Dusty has met an incubus, another half demon teen, harpies, vampires, Santa, a doppelganger or two, goblins, a cacodemon, mega-maggots and the devil himself. Who knows what's going to be in Dusty's future? The only thing I'm certain of is that she's never going to lead a dull life.

Perhaps an Autumn release for her then? We shall see.

I've included the first part of Dusty's first story, just to whet your appetite so to speak.

She felt him approaching her from behind – as he always did. She was tense with excitement and shaking as he got close enough to touch her. The first touch from him was electric and her skin tingled wherever his fingetips stroked. His lips brushed her neck and she closed her eyes and leaned her head back on his shoulder. His arms snaked around her and folded her into his embrace. His lips were replaced by his teeth on her tender and sensitive neck; the nips were gentle yet insistant. His breath was becoming laboured as his passion rose to match hers and he pressed himself against her. She could feel his excitement and she gasped. Her mouth opened to allow her panting breath an escape route and she moaned involuntarily. He stopped nibbling but held his teeth close to her neck, his tongue flicking out between them as he listened to her sighs. She was impatient for him to re-start his seduction but he knew that he was in complete control and he made her wait.
His hand went up to her throat and gently traced from her chin down... the tension was excruciating and almost beyond her endurance. She wanted to take his hands and place one on her breast and the other between her legs but she seemed unable to control her limbs. Her hands and arms were immobile and a fleeting thought crossed her mind “Oh no, not again!”
With that thought now embedded in her mind, his caresses and strokes became more invasive and she still could do nothing but moan her passion. Her mind was screaming her protest but her body, her trecherous and lustful body was urging him on!
As he laid her down she closed her eyes because she did not wish to see the person that was pleasuring her and yet violating her night after night in her dreams. She knew that he was aware that she was protesting inside her mind. He knew that her free will was locked away in the dream-state. He knew and he took full advantage of her instincts to mate.
As he lowered his body onto her, she gasped again for his flesh was ice cold, almost painfully so. She could not move her arms to stop him but it seemed that her legs were under no such restrictions; they wrapped themselves around him. He was the consumate expert in seduction and he controlled himself perfectly. The rhythm was steady but exquisitely slow. He continued to work his magic upon her and she wrapped her suddenly movable arms around his neck to pull her up close to his body. 

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